Gujarat Vidyapith is committed to Gandhian values of Truth and Non-violence and seeks to inculcate a sense of commitment in its students for the reconstruction of the country in accordance with Gandhiji's ideals.



• Will strive to remove social inequality and untouchability.

• Will promote spinning wheel and encourage the use of
   hand-spun, hand-woven Khadi.

Will have respect for all religions and encourage the academic community to pursue the values of Truth and Non-    violence   through the study of religions.

• Will give importance to the mother tongue and impart   education through Gujarati and Hindi.

• Will promote the use of Hindi and Hindustani through the Devnagari and Persian scripts.

• Will give equal importance to industrial and intellectual education.

• Will spread education in villages.

• Will give importance to the hygienic and sanitation needs of the village community in its curriculum.

• Will underline the importance of physical exercise and manual labour.