The emblem of the GUJARAT VIDYAPITH is an open lotus flower. In it, in Devanagari script, is written "Sa vidya ya vimuktaye" i.e. knowledge is that which liberates (us). In Arabic is written "al hikamato zallatual monimine fahaiso uajedaha ahakko leha."

In this emblem there is a Banyan tree i.e. Ficus benghalensis, which signifies growth. There is also the moon that symbolizes beauty, calmness and development. Lotus shows non-attachment, holy spirit. Lamps on either side in a circle symbolize knowledge.

The Gujarat Vidyapith was established for attachment of independence. The object of political independence was temporary but the devotion for self-liberation and knowledge are our permanent ideals. This devotion should continue to grow like a banyan tree and moon with a spirit of non-attachment of a lotus.